Leave Us a Voicemail

Now's your turn. 

Leave us a voicemail and you could be featured on an upcoming episode of A Little Bit Culty. Voicemails may be shared on the podcast, and may be edited for length or content. You could...

  • Tell us about something in the cultiverse that really chaps your ass

  • Share a story about a culty experience you've had

  • Respond to an episode or a guest that made you think, cry, laugh, freak out, or feel all the feels

  • Share a 'Word Salad' 

In your message you can include your first name and where you're calling from, or you can choose to remain anonymous. You have up to 3 minutes before the tape runs out, and the voicemail will let you preview before you send. And again: Your message may be shared on the A Little Bit Culty Podcast. Repeat: This may get aired.