Illusion of Hope: Douglas Brooks On MLMs

Illusion of Hope: Douglas Brooks On MLMs

A Little Bit Culty – If you’ve ever lost a friendship or a small fortune to a multi-level marketing organization, this episode of “A Little Bit Culty” is here to help un-gaslight you. Douglas Brooks, an attorney who represents victims of deceptive schemes, knows that getting caught up in one can be devastating. For the better part of 3 decades, he’s dedicated a significant portion of his practice to representing the victims of deceptive MLM schemes, including cases such as Webster v. Omnitrition International, Rhodes v. Consumers' Buyline, Inc., and Jacobs v. Herbalife International. He’s interviewed or deposed hundreds of participants in MLM schemes, reviewed tens of thousands of documents which were produced by MLM firms subject to confidentiality orders, and studied the compensation plans of scores of MLM companies. Which is basically to say: He knows his shit. He’s also worked pro bono for a number of non-profit organizations involved in the effort to educate and protect consumers from deceptive and fraudulent MLM schemes, including Pyramid Scheme Alert (, the Consumer Awareness Institute (, 

In this episode, Sarah, Nippy, and Doug do a deep dive on all things MLMs and pyramid schemes - and Sarah shares her pre-NXIVM experience with an MLM organization that nearly destroyed a close friendship.They also cover why Nippy won’t be coming to your essential oils class anytime soon.

A Little Bit Culty is proud to support the # IGOTOUT project, which empowers survivors of cultic abuse to share their stories online as a catalyst for education, prevention, and healing. Learn more at Doug Brooks will be speaking at the upcoming Multi Level Marketing Marketing; the Consumer Protection Challenge Hosted by The College of New Jersey School of Business

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