Scientology SUCKS | Ft. Leah Remini, Mike Rinder, and Jon Atack

Scientology SUCKS | Ft. Leah Remini, Mike Rinder, and Jon Atack

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We’re back with another greatest hits mashup this week, pulled together from the Little Bit Culty archives for your late listening pleasure because…well…we can’t quit you - not even for a short late summer, early fall hiatus. Can you believe some shows go on hiatus? LAMMMMMME! Not us. Breaks are for babies. 

For real though, while we’re working on fresh batches of cult-busting brand new episodes, we wanted to stir that proverbial pot a little more by revisiting one of our favorite culty topics….Scientology.

AKA, the brainchild of L. Ron. 

You know it, you loathe it, or…maybe you just mock it. To be fair, unless you’re a Scientologist, they think you’re pretty silly too. So it’s all even-stevens We are diving deep into the Danger Zone in this episode – featuring 3 top guns who have taken on the Impossible Mission of exposing Scientology – which we all know can be Risky Business. Ok, enough Tom Cruise puns – let’s introduce A Few Good Men – and a super badass woman – who you’ll hear from on today’s show. First up is the patron saint of cult-busting, Leah Remini, who’s book Troublemaker chronicles her remarkable journey toward emotional and spiritual freedom from Scientology, both for herself and for her family. Next is Mike RInder. Having spent his youth doing things like, for example, swabbing the decks of L. Ron Hubbard’s yacht, Rinder eventually made it into the elite sect of Scientology known as the Sea Organization, eventually becoming Scientology’s International Spokesperson and the head of its Office of Special Affairs. Then, he escaped and became a fearless and outspoken ex-member. Last is Jon Atack – one of the only court-appointed expert witnesses on Scientology, and his book: Let’s Sell These People a Piece of Blue Sky, about the early history of the church, is cited by academics all over the world. Jon was a ‘public’ Scientologist for nine years, trained as a counselor, and even did the secret ‘OT’ levels, but ditched it when he discovered appalling, aggressive behavior towards members. In addition to his work podcasting as a Scientology mythbuster and using his Instagram account to help educate people on overcoming things like manipulation, destructive cults, and abusive relationships, he’s written several novels, including Voodoo Child (Slight Return), inspired by the life and downfall of Jimi Hendrix.


Without further ado…please enjoy this Scientology Sucks, Sorry Not Sorry, A Little Bit Culty Medley. 



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