The Polygamist’s Daughters: Anna & Celia LeBaron on Escape and Redemption

The Polygamist’s Daughters: Anna & Celia LeBaron on Escape and Redemption

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Anna Lebaron is one of more than fifty children born to infamous polygamist cult leader Ervil LeBaron, aka “Mormon Manson.” So you can probably imagine that her upbringing was both extraordinary and devastating: As she recounts in her excellent book, The Polygamist’s Daughter, she lost multiple family members at the hands of other family members, including those she lost in the infamous “4 o’clock murders” — a bit of blood atonement that led to four people being killed. Those murders are depicted in the 2024 Hulu documentary “Daughters of the Cult.” 


This week, we hear from Anna and her sister, Celia, about their stories — and their capacity to believe in rehabilitation and redemption. You might think that Anna would hold a lot of resentment against her father. (We sure would!) But that’s not the case. Anna and Celia speak candidly about their father — and compassionately of their siblings who committed murders at their father’s bidding.


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