Shiny Happy Warrior: Lindsey Williams on the IBLP

Shiny Happy Warrior: Lindsey Williams on the IBLP

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Have you seen Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets on Prime yet? Ooooof! We have and it’s really, really good. Also hard to watch. Also a bit infuriating. In other words: A culty docuseries. If you’ve already followed the Duggars, the reality TV mega-family behind the hit show 19 Kids and Counting, you know it’s all a lot to process. Shiny Happy People gets deep into the weeds of the story behind their story: Chock-full of disturbing insights into their scandals, their demons, and the radical organization underpinning the whole shitshow. That would be the Institute in Basic Life Principles, an evangelical Christian ministry on steroids. 

Lindsey Williams is featured in Shiny Happy People, and is here to talk with us in this episode about her experience as a former IBLP member, and her personal journey from dug in to “fuck this I’m out.” Our chat covers IBLP founder Bill Gothard and his deranged dogma, what it was like living in the orbit of the embattled Duggar clan, and how Lindsey is doing now that she’s a self-proclaimed Shiny Happy Warrior for cult awareness. 

And just as a heads up, please know that this IBLP organization has some seriously shady philosophies on things like sexual abuse, so this episode may get into gritty territory. Listen with care. 


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