The NXIVM Extravaganza | Ft. Mark Vicente, India Oxenberg, Susan Done, and Karen Unterreiner

The NXIVM Extravaganza | Ft. Mark Vicente, India Oxenberg, Susan Done, and Karen Unterreiner

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Well hello there, A Little Bit Culty listener. How’d your summer go? What’s the haps? This is actually our out of office greeting talking to you, because we’re away from the studio right now investigating some kickass episodes for our new season. But we didn’t want to leave you hanging…so we went through the archives to make you a veritable Dairy Queen Blizzard of culty goodness from some of our fan favorites. We’ll be back soon with all new episodes, but until then you can also find us each week on Patreon where we’re serving up fresh episodes and content on the regular. So today’s episode is…well…in our wheelhouse. If you’re a listener of this particular show, you’re already familiar with NXIVM – but on today’s episode we are taking a closer look at the cult featured in the HBO series, The Vow, starring yours truly. (Whose got four thumbs and once helped bring NXIVM down? THESE GUYS). Joining us are 4 people who understand the inner workings of NXIVM better than almost anyone else.

First up is Mark Vicente. He’s The Vow’s Stone cold silver fox, a film-maker turned whistleblower, and an internationally renowned sweetheart. He’s the guy who originally recruited me, and the guy who raised hell to help bring it all down. Also, he’s the lucky husband of the one and only Bonnie Piesse, aka, Bonfire.

Next is India Oxenberg, who went through hell and back in NXIVM’s darkest chapter: DOS. From forced starvation, and sleep deprivation, to multiple forms of mental and sexual abuse, to a devastating years-long separation from her family. God damn we’re glad she got out and that she’s THRIVING now. . 


Ater India, we’ve got Susan Dones….The one-woman wrecking crew who served as her own legal representation in a series of court battles after she left the organization. Susan was way ahead of the curve on calling bullshit Keith Raniere and his flying monkeys. She also paid dearly for it. 


And finally, is Karen Unterreiner, who at only 18-years-old, became romantically intertwined with Keith Raniere. Over the next 40 years, she’d go on to become a top level NXIVM trainer, a key figure of the Executive Success Programs’ leadership committee, and an overseer of administration (bookkeeping) and IT. Which is all to say: There is much tea to spill. So much tea. So if you’re sick of hearing us talk about NXIVM, you better turn around now. You’ve been warned. Everybody else? Let’s rock. Also…

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