This American Dream: Jane Marie on Wellness

This American Dream: Jane Marie on Wellness

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Jane Marie is the Peabody and Emmy Award-winning journalist, author, and producer of This American Life. Now, she’s hosting the hit investigative podcast The Dream where she’s examined pyramid schemes and culty, late-stage, self-care capitalism. In season 3, she gives the side-eye to all the gurus and life coaches that promise new and improved secrets to living our best lives as they empty the pockets of working class people. Check out this podcaster-insider convo on the culty dynamics of selling the American dream via prosperity gospel.


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Jane Marie and her partner – former Modest Mouse guitarist Dann Gallucci – started Little Everywhere, a podcast production house and recording studio renowned for Michelle Obama’s The Light Podcast and The Dream. Jane Marie’s forthcoming book Selling the Dream exposes the scourge of multilevel marketing schemes and how they have profited off the evisceration of the American working class. It’s available for preorder at


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